Peru Miski sells Friendship Bracelets and Peruvian Jewelry in alpaca silver: Thread earrings, bracelets, necklaces, slave bracelets, rings. We also have Alpaca yarn scarves, accessories, souvenirs, all handmade products.

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We ship to all countries from Lima, Peru. Payments: with debit or credit card through Paypal.
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Peruvian Jewelry Sets Cusco friendship bracelets Handmade rings from Peru
Handbags in Manta Leather Bracelets Jewelry Pouches

1000 Inka Manta Textile Beads, Peruvian manto 100 Friendship Bracelets Criss Cross 1000 Rasta Friendship Bracelets Criss Cross Slave Bracelets, Handcrafted in Alpaca Silver 100 Rasta Friendship Bracelets Classic Manto Bracelets from Cuzco, Peru, Wholesale
Alpaca Yarn from Peru 200 Ceramic Clay Beads, Peruvian 100 Friendship Bracelets Spiral Muticolor 50 Rasta Friendship Bracelets with ceramic beads 100 Rasta Friendship Bracelets Fishbone knot Bull Horn Sets, Handcrafted
200 Inka Manta Textile Beads, Peruvian manto 70 Friendship Bracelets with Canada flag 1000 lot Friendship Bracelets Tube 300 Friendship Bracelets with Peace Symbol Ceramic Beads Multicolor Thread Earrings Drop Semiprecious Stones Medallions, Handcrafted in Alpaca Silver
30 pairs earrings, Flip flops in leather and manto 2000 Ceramic Clay Beads, Peruvian Stone Earrings, Handcrafted in Alpaca Silver Semi precious stones Sets, Handcrafted 1000 Friendship Bracelets Dreamcatchers 100 Friendship Bracelets Ireland flag
Cat's Eyes Rings, assorted colors, wholesale 5 Sets, cat's Eye and Alpaca Silver, Necklaces and matching earrings 50 Bob Marley Friendship Bracelets with ceramic beads, Rasta 100 Friendship Bracelets with Small Ceramic Beads Inca Ribbon, 1 roll, 9.5 mt  (10 yards) Cascajo Earrings, Handcrafted in Alpaca Silver
500 Friendship Bracelets Cuzco, Cusco, Wool 100 Friendship Bracelets red white blue 20 Friendship Bracelets Cuzco Cusco Llama Design 30 Friendship Bracelets with Small Ceramic Beads 5 cones of Macrame Thread, 100% Nylon 100 Manto and Alpaca Cuffs from Peru